Build A Brand
Your Employees Love

Attract Top Talent and Retain Your Best


You know you have three generations in the workforce. Each exhibits behaviors driven by different motives. Let’s tailor communication and experience to bridge the divide and engage better.


Gone are the days that compensation and benefits were enough. Today, your employees want to volunteer for something that matters. They want purpose, they want a mission. Let’s give them that.

We Help You Communicate Your Why.

Your Brand Reflects Your Voice

You need to be agile and have one strong voice.

Your people are that voice, but in order to support you through changes, they need to understand the Why.

Help your team understand the Why by getting into their worlds; through impactful communication and experiences that engage and inspire them.

Your plan needs to consider mirroring your EVP in your employee experience through effective internal communication.


With the Let’s Get REAL plan.

The “Let’s Get R.E.A.L” plan

Social listening and internal polling to understand employee voice and then co-craft a compelling EVP
We design a multi-channel communication campaign with our R.E.A.L framework
We then apply the EVP at all moments that matter to create a positive employee experience. We also train your leaders and managers to become EVP evangelists
You create a Brand that is Loved!

The Problems We Help Solve

Strategy & Consulting

  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Talent Attraction and Retention
  • Enterprise Digital Communication
  • Manager Activation
  • Employee Experience
  • Culture Alignment – M&A

Creative & Content

  • Recruitment Marketing Framework
  • 360 Engagement Framework
  • Digital and Virtual Engagement Design
  • Video and Social Amplification
  • Hybrid Experiences

Campaign & Delivery

  • Enterprise Digital Communication
  • Campaign Design and Development
  • Campaign Measurement Design
  • Moments that Matter Alignment
  • Training and EVP Evangelization

Great people and great organizations already share the same workplace

But they don’t know it!

And they don’t know it because we design and tailor communication to target groups, not to individuals. In the past, it was too expensive and too much effort to communicate with individuals (where n=1), but today, we have tools that are allowing us to slowly and steadily lower n till, one day, we will reach a stage in the not so distant future where n=1!

Technology will give us exactly that!

 Our goal is to use technology and create avenues for effective personal communication within an organization.

Let’s rethink Internal Communication.

Digital Adoption is NOW

Engage Better…Engage Faster…Engage Easier!

Your people aren’t wrong in demanding the same sophistication, interface, and experience that Netflix, Swiggy, or Apple offers them.

And the good news is that today, you have the opportunity to introduce a great user experience without breaking the bank.


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– Sunil Singh, VP HR

“Thank you d’frens for doing a wonderful job”


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In 18 months, HR leaders at over 40 corporations happily engaged over 18,000 employees in meaningful conversations. Using our proprietary methods to increase engagement and adoption. So can you.

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